Natalia appears in Episode 11, "A Woman Who Conjurers". Originally, Natalia gained fame and fortune as a child by performing as a psychic, being able to bend metal objects with the force of her mind, much in the same way as Uri Geller. Then it was reveal that she was a fraud; the metal objects she bent were all rigged to bend, the whole thing concocted by her parents, who promptly abandoned her and took all the money they swindled from those who believed her. What was not revealed was that Natalia actually HAD genuine psychic talent - she is able to latch-on to laden thoughts of others, sometimes by merely touching them.
Deciding to start over again, Natalia traveled to a distant village in Mexico, where using her old bag of tricks set herself up as a witch, starting a cult based on Chappy - a beloved cat of her who had died the previous year of diabetes. It was during a festival involving this cult that Nadie and Ellis showed-up - followed closely by Ricardo, Lirio and L.A.. It was during a demonstration of her 'powers' that one of the villagers who didn't believe Natalia's 'talents' assaulted her with a torch - a torch which was put-out by a spontaneous use of Ellis' powers! Deciding to take advantage of the situation, Natalia decided to put Nadie and Ellis up in her mansion, called 'the Witch's Manor'. Once inside, Nadie let Natalia know that she knew her past. Natalia then struck-up a quick friendship with Ellis, and became fascinated with the girl.
However, outside the mansion, the villagers soon learned of Natalia's secret, and angrily descended upon the manor, demanding that Natalia return the money they gave her. Things soon got out-of-hand when a lit lantern crashed into the entrance landing, and once again Ellis used her powers. But when Ellis became dizzy, Natalia caught her - and her TRUE powers then learned of Ellis' plight. After Nadie and Ellis left to resume their journey south, Natalia tried to contact the U.S. Government about what she discovered - and was killed by agents of 'The Night', a sect of the surviving Witches hoping to kill Ellis - but not the faction which Blue Eyes belonged to. Natalia's mansion was immediately burned to the ground afterwards.

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