Nadie (Spanish for 'nobody') is a bounty hunter working in her native Mexico. Currently, she is acting as a bodyguard for Ellis as the young girl is making her way south following the murder of Dr. Heinrich "Heinz" Schneider (which Ellis doesn't remember if she killed him). To the general public, Ellis is Nadie's catch but has yet to turn her in. But secretly, Nadie was hired by Jody Hayward to protect Ellis, not only from other bounty hunters looking for her, but also from Douglas Rosenberg, hoping to capitalize on Ellis' odd powers, not to mention the advances of the lovesick L.A. – and the surviving Witches who see Ellis as a threat to their existence!
Nadie is armed with a Colt M1911 pistol, and can have a quick temper. She sometimes appears cheerful and optimistic, but is haunted of being the sole survivor of an attack in her hometown. Also, when confronting an enemy, she's in the habit of saying, 'Got any last words, say 'em!'.

Voice ActorsEdit

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