Miguel appeared in Episode 8, "A Man in Love". He made his living as a mariachi guitarist, although it can be safely said that his talent was... lacking. Even though he wasn't any good, he would often blame his guitar for the trouble. Miguel's REAL talent seemed to be charming the ladies. Through his smooth tongue and disarming personality, he would often seen romancing some beautiful woman - as well as conning some unfortunate person out of money so that he could woo the ladies! Years before, he was friends of a younger Nadie before she became a bounty hunter. Hearing his tale of woe about his guitar, Nadie gave him her meager paycheck so that he could get a newer guitar. However, when she found him using the money to buy another woman jewelry, she responded by punching him in the face!
It was a few years later when Miguel was reunited with Nadie, this time who was in the company of Ellis. Their reunion was the same as they parted - Nadie punched Miguell! However, unknown to Nadie and Ellis, Miguel was told by other who he owed money that the two were coming to town, and he was to bring Ellis to them when they did. However, when Miguel did, he discovered that HE had a bounty on HIS head, placed there by the father of a woman he got pregnant! But before anything could happen, Nadie appeared on the scene, told Ellis to find cover, and dealt with the men after Miguel. However, Miguel ended-up in the crossfire and was killed - his only mourner, another woman her romanced and promised to take out of town.

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